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Mahmoud Gharib Architects, Engineers, Consultants (MGAEC) is a multi-discipline consultancy firm based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

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Suite 408A Bin Homran Center, Thalia Street, Jeddah, Jeddah, PO Box 6843 Jeddah 21452

Mahmoud Gharib Architects, Engineers, Consultants (MGAEC) is a multi-discipline consultancy firm based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The group is composed of the following duly registered and licensed entities:

Mahmoud Gharib Architects, Engineers, Consultants
Mahmoud Gharib General Contracting Establishment
Mahmoud Gharib Electro-Mechanical Contractor

The group is capable of carrying complete engineering services ranging from surveying, design planning and construction. It was founded by Architect/Engineer Mahmoud Gharib who started with a strong desire of delivering unique and innovative solution to various challenges with the help of deeply passionate, immensely talented and highly professional individuals from all field of architecture and engineering. Its humble beginning as an Architecture and Interior Design Office quickly developed into full scale architecture, engineering and consultants’ office. It achieved prominence in the industry as one of the few pre-qualified offices to operate following the implementation of the new guidelines in the classification of offices by the Jeddah Municipal Engineering Office. Today, Mahmoud Gharib Group is making a new wave of excitement in the construction development.


Our Design Philosophy is motivated to create sensitive and stimulating environment to achieve unique and innovative solutions to our diverse clients. We construct to accomplish the best and deliver safe, economical and quality projects.


Mahmoud Gharib Group of Companies shall be known as one of the very best in the Engineering and Construction Industry. It shall be an active player in both the government and the private projects. It shall be one of the key partners in the promotion of safer, more economical and quality services in the region. We will be one of the leaders in sustaining economic growth and expand our role in the general development of the construction industry in the kingdom.


Our mission is to produce and develop precise engineering design, accurate planning, and safe and economical construction management. We will deliver above ideal workmanship thru the most qualified professionals. We will contribute in the over-all sustainable economic growth of the engineering and construction industry thru quality performance. We shall strive to acquire the best available qualified engineers and managers to sustain and accomplish our goals.




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