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Part of the supporters of the Economic Renaissance

When Al-Majal Al-Arabi disembarked more than twenty three years ago and its transformation into Al-Majal Al-Arabi Holding Co., it has put on itself show more


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Prince Sultan Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz Street, Riyadh, Riyadh, Al-Wurud District

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When Al-Majal Al-Arabi disembarked more than twenty three years ago and its transformation into Al-Majal Al-Arabi Holding Co., it has put on itself the professional work in the provision of its all services to the Saudi Market, following the scientific approach and taking human experience as its major tools for the execution of its service and commercial businesses.

Our Vision

The local and regional leadership through the projects implementation strategy in accordance with the highest Saudi and World quality standards, in compliance to the scientific and ethical conventions along with delicate analysis of the dynamics of local, regional, and international work sectors on which Al-Majal Al-Arabi Holding Co. works, to accomplish the highest degrees of client satisfaction either in the public governmental sector or the private sector, as we give each and every project our professional due energy, effort, and care.

Our Mission

We very well understand the importance of time as a measurement in the success of the different projects of clients that they hope to be associated with quality of implementation, thus Al-Majal Al-Arabi Holding Co. is the best who might present you successful solutions for the realization of the binary equation and we work on the implementation of your different projects in a record time representing the professional performance making our everlasting partners.

Our Objectives

  • A social renaissance keeps pace with global developments, provision of work and job opportunities, and respect to and development of the national experiences.
  • Taking into account the global ethical values in the preservation of environment and power and searching the successful protection methods.
  • Commitment to the provision of highest class of products and high quality services in all projects we execute.
  • Provision of proper working context to set off the potential human experiences such as creativity and excellence. Working on equal opportunity and creative career competition as an integral part of continuous development operations of human resources.


Excellence as a leadership concept at Al-Majal Al-Arabi Holding Co. is not restricted to the nature of what we do, rather on how we do it. Our endeavor is not restricted to the accomplishment of excellence, rather to work very hardly to sustain it through a regular organized approach designed for the confirmation of the continuity of excellence as a method of work, so as such the Company Al-Majal Al-Arabi Holding Co. for the enhancement of its leadership and to achieve its ambition that is to be transformed into a leader distinguished company known at the local and regional levels for its reliability, efficiency, profitability, and leadership.

Our Companies

The sectors and businesses in Al-Majal Al-Arabi Holding Co. were diversified to cover all developmental and major economic areas with gigantic investments in several fields of the most noted are:

  • Contracting, construction, property development, aluminum works, elevators, and escalators.
  • Communications and Information Technology
  • Maintenance and operating services
  • Medical maintenance and medical equipment
  • Environmental service, city cleanness, and waste disposal
  • Food catering and supply

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